There’s a 12 year-old girl wearing goggles and waving a gun around!


I haven’t been writing much poetry recently. And frankly, I’m disappointed in myself for that. And I’m sorry that I haven’t had any great one-liners to share, but I do have a good reason—I’m working furiously to finish my first novel.

And now you’re all like, “A novel? That’s so cool! What’s it about?”

Why thank you for asking!

I don’t want to give away a ton of details (yet), but I will say that it’s an adventure story jam-packed with exclamation-riddled…well, everything. It’s lighthearted and (I hope) funny. It’s got talking animals and shoot-outs and sword-fights and flying ships and a jungle and a very charismatic little girl at its center that is part 12-year-old, part steampunk-engineer genius.

Sounds cool, right? And then you go, “Totally! Sounds awesome!” At least that’s what I’m hoping.

I hope a lot.

I believe that hope is one of the greatest things. This novel is going to be like much of my poetry, it’s not about what it’s about. And I hope that when I’m done, the story will be meaningful not because it’s exciting and fun, but because it has something under its skin that is more important than entertainment or relatable characters. I’m hoping that it has life. I’m hoping that it’s an inspiration to people willing to look beyond its jokes to find something to root for and believe in. I’m hoping that somebody out there loves it. I’m hoping that the incredible fans (and I do have incredible fans!) of my poetry will be interested enough to dig into my longest metaphor yet. And I’m hoping that I can get it finished soon(!), because I can’t wait to get done and show you, I really can’t.

I’m so excited for this.

In more poetic news, my last announcement: there will be another video coming soon for a new spoken word piece I’ve been working on.

So, stay tuned, it’s going to get loud in here.

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3 thoughts on “There’s a 12 year-old girl wearing goggles and waving a gun around!

  1. When I found out about you and your work, in the beginning of summer, thanks to Colleen Hoover and you interpretation of “The Lake” I would never imagine the kind of impact you would have on my life. Like I go all day on your site, I get in loop “Push” because I simply love this poem and I seem I can’t get enough of it, I listen carefully to all the things your write. So to say I’m excited for this isn’t enough. I’ll wait and I’ll cheer you on, and I’ll be right here. Your work is really powerful and so full of hope, that I can’t believe it.
    Good Luck Marty!

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