Photo Inspirations!

A little over a week ago, I posted on my Facebook page about submitting some photographs as inspiration for a few poems, I got about 50 photos in response! Which was incredible, so, thank you to everyone who sent in their pictures! I hope you’re as excited as I am. There were many good ones to pick from, lots that made me think.

I’ve narrowed it down to what I found were the three most intriguing pictures. They were all interesting in their own ways, but these three really got my metaphorical juices flowing. Check them out below, with big thank-you’s to Melanie, Jolene, and Adrienne!

I’ve already begun working on the poems that will accompany each one. Expect those very soon–with a repost of the image.

In other news, I’m way behind on a personal goal I set for myself this year, which was to write 200 poems. With 122 days left in the year and 136 poems to go, I’m in for a challenge–which may be exactly what I needed to get myself going. Hopefully I can get quality to match quantity. 😉 Stay tuned,  spread the words, and thanks again!


(c) 2013 Jolene OBrien


(c) 2013 Melanie Bobay


(c) 2013 Adrienne Nelson



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