I want your details

my hands, filled with bones,
can write love letters
or goodbyes
they can grab a day
by the lapels
and shove it into the corner
and kiss it on
the mouth
my ears have held
the whispered truth:
“I love your voice.”
and on a good day I
know exactly what to say
I’ve known when to touch
and go
I get lost driving a car
but I can tell you the
of how to dig deep
beneath the skin, down to
the bones where I live
here now, spill
your details on the floor
let’s sort through
the old photos
I want your details


for the days you wake up

for the days you
    wake up feeling buried
I love you
even with your bones exposed
even with your silence
and “can’t say it” words
for the days you
    wake up spinning
I love you
even your centrifuge heart
pulling apart
at our differences
you’re not so far
I’m not so far
we’re not so far