The Tulip and the Frog

the tulip and the frog were friends
and felt they’d be until the end

so every morning without fail
for all of spring along his trail

he’d come upon his flower friend
he’d promise once or twice again

“Tulip, I’ll never leave your side
you are my heart, my soul, my pride”

but tulip could not speak a word
nor could her petals be disturbed

she could be only what she was
all flowers obey garden laws

then frog knew love was bitter-sweet
knew some words were not worth repeat

so frog took one more final gaze
and promised her he’d always praise

her beauty, calm and elegance
and most of all her eloquence

and with a note of sadness deep
the frog intoned a magic leap

“It’s good that you are happy now,
love, you deserve that finest crown

I’d like to know you’re always safe
so hold your place as garden’s grace

please don’t forget your old frog friend
who loved and loved until the end”

and then frog had to hop away
to learn to love as quietly