tips on staying in love…

find enough room, you’re going to need a large space
then gather paper, as much as you can steal
stack as neatly as you can, line the pages up by their edges
you’ll want to remember how things were, so be organized
fill completely, slip the last sheet of paper on top of
each stack snug to the ceiling
now, once the room is full, you’ll have to make a decision:
Keep Going / Stop
if you choose to Keep Going:
look around at the corners, all the pages you’ve put there
sift slowly and collect the bad ones, as many as you can
when it’s time to do it, you’ll know then
start pulling at your ribs, don’t worry they’ll open
put all the bad ones into your chest and strike a match
let the flames die down on their own time
this flamesetting practice you will call forgiving
find more room, get more paper, repeat
if you choose to Stop:
burn everything