The Limited Perks

on the rooftop on Dearborn
with the sun setting slowly behind us
and all the light coming through the awnings
and lattice-work
the wooden deck aswirl with color
unidentifiable shapes, like they all are,
pink and green and blue
we say hellos and collect drinks
we stand at the table, invited but separated
trying to enjoy the limited perks of the Press

“Obviously, I want you to go with me.”
I won’t/can’t/mustn’t accept
the tour offered alone
that’d be too easy
I’m too wander-prone,
which you know, and like me anyway
which I don’t understand

as the other side of the party
turns to dancing and 90s music
my heart is, like they say, on my sleeve

coming out at the wrist

my propped up posture holding an empty can
with both hands in the center of the table
you knew right where to touch to
stop the bleeding

“I’m sorry you’re going through this.”

which is a lot

it’s a lot to say, I mean
like a salve made of syllables for me
saying forged from listening

my small word:
but in fact:
what a lucky friend I am to have a friend
like you
only, it didn’t come out that way


Sharp the Rocks

we’ve stood at the edge
so many times, but then
what good is a cliff if
we never go over?
how do we know
how sharp the rocks are
if we’re never dashed against them?
maybe the water
isn’t as cold as it looks after all
I’ll push you,
if you push me,
I’ll hold you,
if you hold me
but I’m not doing anything alone


Pretending There’s Glass



you don’t try to hide your breath on
a winter morning—it’s written into the air
I suppose, some things just are
so why hide this?
it’s okay, I can see,
your heart broke like a window
and you’re still pretending there’s glass
it’s okay
step on out, it’s not as cold as you may think
it’s not as cold as you may think






The Ark

the first ones aboard
   were the raccoons

they pushed their way
      to the front of the line


instinct drove them

well, two by two isn’t
      two of a kind

yet, there they were
   acting like scavengers of a
      salvation that only
         can be found together

they laid on
   their backs in
      the belly of the ark

noticed how exposed
   . . .
   the rafters were

and together dreamed of new shores
   and of a reset to the entire world