Tha Last Forinur (The Last Foreigner)

she was the very last foreigner
they found, she gave herself
away though, by the necklace hanging
from her wrinkled neck
and the peaceful look
in her gray-bag eyes

when they came for her
she was spoon-feeding an orphan
too crippled to lift his weary arms
and when they pulled tight the plastic ties
to hold her wrists, she recited old love letters
that she had memorized for times like these

the slang had been state-adopted and
they charged her with “Sharing”
locked her up for believing too hard
that there might
just might be an answer in the clouds
or floating in the river foam
rustling through the leaves
and SCREAMING out of the stones!

there was no bed and no clothes
no sunlight
there were iron bars
there were cracks in the floor and the walls
a cold draft, groping her back
as she huddled in a dampness that
mixed with her panicked sweat and
left too long, sponged into her skin
turning it yellow before turning it gray
and the colors terrified her
they graciously provided an open hole
a yawning grave filled with sewage
overflowed months ago, like the world was
still pressing up on her
to swallow her in filth and put out her lampheart

they left her a mirror so she
could still see them pressing down on her
and when she looked into it she saw her eyes,
saw herself in her eyes
she was small
and with each blink
her eyelids slammed down on the image
of her broken body and
crushed her again and again and again

still she would sing
her beautiful acoustic rebellion
“yes…loves me, yes…loves me”
and they took her tongue
so all she had was a little hum

and she kept up that hum
not with hope for a rescue,
but with a hope to melodiously haunt them
that when she could no longer hold the note
someone walking the halls might’ve heard
and had it get stuck in their head
like a good song will
but it didn’t.
she was the very last foreigner

and the first?
well, they caught first a long time ago
when they came for him he was with friends
in a garden planting seeds of a sort they’d never
seen grow before
he gave himself away though, he
just couldn’t turn away an expression of love
and so by a kiss they made an arrest
charged him with “Sharing”
and they would’ve locked them all up
for believing too hard
but his friends fought back with a sword
and a quick hack cut off an ear
and the foreigner stopped them
and healed the wound to make clear
that the most important thing
is that they hear
so it is fitting that the last foreigner
followed closely in his steps
humming as she passed

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