Ribbons to Driftwood

The crumbs of my bones
Get scattered on the waves
And they come washing home
On the cold back of gray foam
Surfing the tide
You stood on the beach and waited
Waited and waited
And the crest of that wave
Folded and crashed like a grave
Taking one last breath

Before it struck the cliff face at your feet
Like my throat opening
To let out your name
This poetry is the same
Smashed to pieces by the wind

As it has always been the same
The same as it has always been
While you hope for salt air
While you tie your ribbons to driftwood
While you watch shells break against the shore

I know, I’m still disappointing you
I may not be able to conquer
I might be lost at sea forever
But I will be throwing open my sails

That I could yet float into your arms again
I’ll be pouring my apology until you say when

And if I become the captain I promised to be
I will leave all the sadness at the bottom of the sea
Until there is nothing left
And there is nothing coming back but me

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