Pretending There’s Glass



you don’t try to hide your breath on
a winter morning—it’s written into the air
I suppose, some things just are
so why hide this?
it’s okay, I can see,
your heart broke like a window
and you’re still pretending there’s glass
it’s okay
step on out, it’s not as cold as you may think
it’s not as cold as you may think





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6 thoughts on “Pretending There’s Glass

  1. A perfect interpretation. Thanks for commenting. Sometimes it’s good to just know that we don’t suffer alone. That our feelings are personal and, somehow, universal at the same time.

  2. Thank you . I didn’t think anyone else pretended … Sometimes I went a week pretending the glass wasn’t broken … The mind giving a gift of gently opening the reality to my heart … Until i “blew on the window” and it didn’t fog up as my breath went into the cold air … So I “stepped out ” …

  3. I have had the unique opportunity to find you and your poetry. This type of writing is so interesting and the fact that you do it so well leaves me excited to read, hear and see what will come next. Love your latest “Pretending There’s Glass”, but then I have loved them all so far.

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