Hold on Beleaguered Artist

Hold on beleaguered artist
Though your ebullience is fleeting
Do not linger for that leisure you’ve been seeking

Now hunt down your horizon
Dare to impel your hurting heart
Before this onyx evening tears it all apart

It is no mirage you chase
No voyage lost on empty sea
So, if their curses rip your sails, know I believed in thee

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2 thoughts on “Hold on Beleaguered Artist

  1. the land was scarred, but
    dreaming beneath the ashes
    were chrysanthemums.

    I am weary with the pursuit, but I will continue on. How many times in the past few days I have been reminded that He believes in me, though I do not yet believe in myself. It is overwhelming to think of, but it gives me hope. Maybe this isn’t what you meant, but it is meaningful to me. Thank you.

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