I don’t need to tell you how I feel
you have always known my orbit
the half-moons under my eyes
do not pose the question: are you

they only prompt you to help me rest

love, you know under my teeth and nails
it’s all soft
surprise at what breaks you
surprise at what saves you
you hide memory under the X like gold

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2 thoughts on “half-moons

  1. I wish that instead of my days being filled with nightmares, that you would wake me up. Let me look at you and feel my heart rise up through my chest, let me speak it you like the most beautiful mockingbird. I’ll mimic all the other noises, but my tune will be honest. This trap of endless slumber I seem to find myself in, makes me cold and leaves me wanting. For years, I have read others words and held onto a glint that there was hope. The world is so much more beautiful with love around.

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