Captain Tomahawk and the Sky-Lion

It’s finally here!!!

My official announcement and cover reveal!

Coming September 5, 2014 my debut novel . . . 

Captain Tomahawk and the Sky-Lion!


Shot down and stranded with no way home, contagiously exuberant and self-proclaimed “greatest pilot there ever was,” Captain Anna Tomahawk, must fight through a retro-futuristic landscape to save a rebellion, rescue her friends, and—one way or another—finally lead the way out of the desert.

In a wildly fun, steampunk spirit reminiscent of The Chronicles of Narnia and Watership DownCaptain Tomahawk and the Sky-Lion is an adventure filled with talking animals, mechanical wizardry, and barely-believable action, where one eccentric girl is all it takes to prove that anything good is possible and that even a little hope can overcome the longest odds.


“A story that is kryptonite to despair, told so whimsically well that one actually dares to believe it.”

– Phil Long, Author and Founder of Sacrificial Poetry Project

 “Captain Tomahawk does not disappoint. This was the most fun I’ve had reading in years. I found myself wanting the story to go on and on…”

– Neil Downey, Senior Editor, CruPress & Author of The Late Awakening


I cannot begin to explain how excited I am to finally be sharing my book. More than two years in the making, this project has been both the hardest and the most satisfying thing I’ve ever done as a writer.

The good news is that I think you’re going to love it. It’s the happiest thing I’ve ever written.

I mean, just look at that beautiful cover, designed by the talented Olin Kidd.

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