for the days you wake up

for the days you
    wake up feeling buried
I love you
even with your bones exposed
even with your silence
and “can’t say it” words
for the days you
    wake up spinning
I love you
even your centrifuge heart
pulling apart
at our differences
you’re not so far
I’m not so far
we’re not so far



old love,
I miss you
old love,
your excuses
are more familiar
than you are
take the dust
from my
and fill your
you have enough
to see me


Everyone Else’s Home

last winter
at a downtown coffee shop
I sat on the bar stool near the window
I watched the people on the sidewalk
pulling their coats and scarves around their necks
keeping the wind out
I sipped a peppermint tea, a temporary comfort,
and watched
as they entered their apartment towers
moments later, high up, a window would light up with a yellow glow
a far away
warm, bright, home
and I’m looking at them, and I know, that I should go on
to wherever it is that hearts go on to
that it’s not doing me any good to sit here
wishing for a brightness of my own
what’s hope for if not this?
I’m not sorry
I can’t be sorry
I won’t be sorry
that I’m going to stay awhile
looking at the lights in the windows
of everyone else’s home